Disaster Recovery

The unexpected happens. Whether or not it is considered a disaster depends on how good your recovery plan is.

Seamless and Transparent
We offer load balanced, fault tolerate recovery systems that are so good your people won't even know when a failure occurs. Keeping your people productive regardless of system faults is critical for big business, and we bring the same technology to the small and mid-sized market.

We also offer many other forms of backup and recovery methods. Burst water pipes, fire, theft, hardware failures, accidental deletion, and intentional deletion: we've been through it all, and we have options that can protect against any possibility.

Bank and Insurance Requirements
Many banks and insurance companies have requirements about backup and recovery because they know unprotected organizations have a significantly higher risk of not being able to continue business operations when the unexpected happens. In fact, the US Archives records that 80% of businesses go under if they suffer a data loss and do not have a validated recovery plan.

New Technology, New Options
We'd be happy to come in and review your current recovery plan. If you haven't had it reviewed recently, you might be surprised by how much recovery technology has changed recently. Better protection and faster recovery can be had for less cost than ever before. Call us today for a free review!

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