IT Security

Implied Privacy or Real Security?
Many ‘security’ measures are ultimately ineffective, but provide the customer with a sense of security. How long does it take a determined hacker to bypass security measures and gain access to data? Generally, not longer than a few minutes. Security is a game of cat and mouse. Find a way to protect an asset, and the hacker will find a new way in. Security isn’t just some firewall you setup once and forget about forever. As new vulnerabilities and threats come to light, new measures must be put in place to protect against them. Just like good backups (or any IT system) regular testing and validation are crucial to determining whether or not that system is doing what it is intended to do.

Security Auditing
We believe strongly in security. Because of this we offer free security audits to any business interested in getting a second opinion of the state of their IT security. It doesn't stop there, we regularly audit all our customers to be sure newly discovered vulnerabilities aren't having a negative impact on their business.