Mission Statement

Provide a level of customer service not previously available to small businesses at a cost similar to the competition.

We do that by solving the customer's perceived problem which is not always 100% technical in nature, and is likely a combination of perception and technical challenges. We aim to leave the customer with peace of mind and confidence in Glade Creek. The goal of solving today's problems is to increase the efficiency of the people and therefore the entire customer organization.

The beginning of the resolution must start with a solid report with the primary customer contact for this problem, and continues with the discovery of what that person perceives as the problem, what impact the problem has, and what the person's expectations are. Once all that is fully understood from the person's point of view, the technician can implement a technical solution to exceed the person's expectations.

It is understood that few problems are fully technical in nature, and that a 'soft' solution may be required. The primary goal of our interactions is to maintain dignity and show respect; proper report is required above all else. It is this understanding that is missing from most technical support organizations and it is the reason that Glade Creek stands above in service.