Cloud Computing for Your Business

"Cloud Computing” seems to be on everyone’s lips when they talk about IT for their business. Most business owners have heard of it, but many people are still not sure what it really means and understand the full advantages of using the “Cloud”. Jon Pollock from Glade Greek Technology gives his explanation:-
“Cloud computing is essentially based on the concept that IT should largely be delivered as a service over the Internet. Documents, emails, applications and other business data will be accessed online or “in the cloud” making them available from any PC, laptop or mobile device, and importantly, in real-time.”

Company Benefits
The two main benefits to any company by moving to full or partial cloud services are a reduction in costs and reduction in complexity. Costs are reduced as there are no expensive, up-front costs for hardware or software. You just pay a monthly fee to the cloud computing provider. Complexity is also reduced significantly because management and support tasks are the service provider’s responsibility. If something goes wrong, you can just call them.

Advantages over traditional model
Compared to running software in your business, cloud computing has 3 main advantages. The first is simple management. Cloud software and services are managed by their suppliers – so you don’t have that headache in-house. Secondly it’s cost effective, cloud computing or hosted services are purchased on a subscription basis. You pay by the month, based on what you use. Finally, and often forgotten, scalability; cloud computing gives you access to extra computer power whenever you need it.

Although these advantages can be significant, there is a downside. Cloud software requires a fast, reliable internet connection. If that fails, your data is stuck where you can’t access it. Additionally, although cloud computing providers go to lengths to protect data, as with anything in life, there are still risks. What happens if the company behind the hosted services goes bust or is attacked by hackers? That’s not to say cloud computing is unsafe. In fact, the risks are often lower than those involved in managing services yourself. It’s just important to evaluate them carefully when deciding whether to use the cloud.

Cloud computing with Glade Creek Technology
The team members at Glade Creek Technology are cloud experts. The company designed and maintains it’s own private cloud infrastructure from the ground up. Glade Creek use a state of the art data center located in Frederick, MD which can accommodate outside-the-box needs of its customers better than resellers or other providers.

Why use Glade Creek?
The IT market giants, Microsoft and Google provide cloud based offerings for companies that are structured in a way that their requirements fit into various “boxes”. Where these services are a good fit, they provide excellent value for companies, and we are here to help transition businesses to this model.

The Glade Creek private cloud is ideal in circumstances when a business does not fit in to the box Microsoft/Google provides. Glade Creek can provide a custom designed, flexible solution that dovetails perfectly with a business’ long term strategies, all at an attractive cost.

Disaster Recovery
In addition, Microsoft and Google don’t offer disaster recovery options. For most businesses, disaster recovery is their first foray in to cloud computing. Glade Creek Technology offer a wide range of disaster recovery options which ensures an automatic, seamless failover to hot standby servers. If you do decide to leverage Microsoft or Google for some of your IT systems, you’ll still need some infrastructure in house, and those systems still need backup. Glade Creek Technology adds a seamless recovery option, and removes the burden of disaster recovery management and associated costs while checking off all the ‘best practice’ bullet points for back-up and disaster recovery. This reliable service not only gives business owners piece of mind, but also meets the requirements of bank and insurance audits.

Full Cloud Services
For those who want to enjoy all the advantages of Cloud based IT and remove all the burden of infrastructure management and costs (including current maintenance, upgrade costs, and security costs). Glade Creek Technology can move the entire infrastructure to the cloud, including the use of virtual desktops. Businesses currently utilizing old (and slow!) XP machines, or Macs not compatible with all business applications, can log on to and use the latest operating systems on new, fast hardware. All the upgrades, maintenance, and security concerns are handled for you.

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