Upgrading - Why and When

"You need to upgrade" is a regular comment that small business owners hear from their IT department or IT service provider. It's not surprising really, we all know how fast the world of technology is changing and how quickly our own "technical gadgets" go out of date. There is also no doubt that small and meaningful upgrades to both IT hardware and software can make significant positive impacts on your business's productivity and efficiency. Replacement is also part of the upgrade process and it's an option that can make a lot of sense in many circumstances.

When should we upgrade?
For optimum efficiency and productivity, hardware and software should be upgraded or replaced every 3 to 5 years. A 3 year cycle makes good sense for hardware, as it is often the time when manufacturer warranties expire and moving parts such as fans and hard drives can become unreliable. Prioritising business areas, such as keeping the business accounting system computer as up to date as possible and stretching the less used admin unit for another year or two means that upgrading can also be a flexible process.

Upgrading Network Servers
Your network server is the heart of your IT system - and effectively your business. It holds your vital data and probably controls your email and any remote working functions. If you have had your server for three years or longer, upgrading or replacing it should probably be a priority. Replacement is often the right path for servers as upgrading tends to be more costly, parts themselves are expensive, plus it's time consuming in man hours for an engineer to actually make the upgrades.

Plan your Upgrade - don't wait until failure
It's very tempting to try and save money and wait until everything fails before you do something about it - all business owners know about this challenge. However, planning, as with many things, will always be cheaper in the long run. An IT system which is well maintained and upgraded or replaced when needed will keep your overall costs down. This does not just include your IT direct costs, businesses often overlook the loss in productivity when IT equipment fails which is often much larger.

To read more about the technical reasons for upgrading, follow this link http://www.gladetech.com/drupal/node/19

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