Our Philosophy

Tactical IT
“It’s broke and we need it fixed now." Glade Creek Technology is there when you need us. Our engineers provide confident competence to quickly resolve issues and minimize downtime. But if you find most of your IT spending falls in to this category of "break/fix" work your IT expenditures may be less efficient than they could be. Wouldn't it be better to spend that same money at your discretion on measures to protect and improve your IT systems? Check out our philosophy on Strategic IT to learn more.

Strategic IT
According to a recent survey by Spiceworks, IT spending averages $1,526 per employee. Shifting IT spending to planned, budgeted projects can help alleviate unexpected expenses on "break/fix" IT. At Glade Creek Technology we don’t just understand IT, we understand the business of IT. We strive to align IT solutions with the needs of the business to improve profitability, reduce overhead and streamline operations.