Upgrading - Why and When

"You need to upgrade" is a regular comment that small business owners hear from their IT department or IT service provider. It's not surprising really, we all know how fast the world of technology is changing and how quickly our own "technical gadgets" go out of date. There is also no doubt that small and meaningful upgrades to both IT hardware and software can make significant positive impacts on your business's productivity and efficiency. Replacement is also part of the upgrade process and it's an option that can make a lot of sense in many circumstances.

Microsoft Office 365

If you are a small business owner, Microsoft Office 365 could be just what you’re looking for; the upgraded Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) product was launched by Microsoft in June 2011. For an enterprise it promises convenience, for a small business it’s far cheaper and simpler than buying and managing you own servers.

Cloud Computing for Your Business

"Cloud Computing” seems to be on everyone’s lips when they talk about IT for their business. Most business owners have heard of it, but many people are still not sure what it really means and understand the full advantages of using the “Cloud”. Jon Pollock from Glade Greek Technology gives his explanation:-